Water analysis laboratory

The water analysis laboratory

Is located on the first floor of Föppl-Bau on the HTWK campus in Kochstraße. Standard analyzes of water and waste water samples can be carried out in the water analysis laboratory. The research areas of the institute are supported by these investigations. The main focus here is conventional waste water analysis.

Range of services / equipment

BOD and COD analysis

determination of total carbon

in aqueous solutions and solid matters (TOC/TIC/TC)

photometric analysis

COD, inorganic nitrogen parameters, phosphorus, sulfide, sulfate, turbidity, SAK


Untersuchung zum aeroben Abbau, Verträglichkeitsuntersuchung von Schlamm in Dreikammergruben

Untersuchung von Belebtschlamm

  • chemisch-physikalisch
  • mikroskopisch
  • Biologische Gewässergüte



    Messung von Temperatur, pH-Wert, Sauerstoffgehalt, Leitfähigkeit, Trockensubstanz, Trübung, CSB

    Messung von Schwefelwasserstoff


    atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS)

  • Analysis of aqueous and solid samples from the area of water and waste
  • PC-controlled fully automated compact spectrometer for flame and graphite technology
  • TOC-analyser

    For the determination of total carbon (TOC) and total nitrogen (TNb) in in aqueous samples


    Ultra microbalance

    Photometer for chemical-free substance analysis

    Determination of ingredients in waste water over different wavelengths. The measured value is determined by spectral evaluation of the scanned UV range.

    Optical particle size analyzer

    Temperable laboratory reactor