Laboratory Föppl-Bau

Laboratory Föppl-Bau

This laboratory for water engineering allows numerous tests in order to explore fluid flow and sedimentation. Furthermore basic investigations and research are taking place.

Technic / Equipment

Flow measuring with radar

Non-contact measurement of flow velocities and fill levels in pipelines and ducts

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)

Non-contact method for the determination of velocity fields in the flow mechanics for the detection of small flow processes

Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV)

Stationary 3D flow velocity measurement in surface waters or in the laboratory using ultrasound based on the Doppler effect

tilting troughs

Two 12 m tilting troughs for flow tests and instrument calibration with laser vector field measurement (PIV)

pump system

pump system (120 m³ / h) with high tank for constant hydrostatic water pressure

hydrological pilot plant

for runoff simulation of surface and groundwater flow

slit trench

  • 2-dimensional flow analysis
  • hydraulic shear failure
  • flow through dikes